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Pursito Honey Sticks
Pure As Nature Intended


At Pursito, we believe in pursing the pure and beautiful as nature intended it. We bring you products that are therefore, wholesome, natural, and organic whenever possible.  

Health and Beauty Products:  

Our health and beauty oils are 100% pure and natural and certified organic.  Browse our natural beauty solutions. 

Natural Health and Beauty 
Organic At Its Best

What are Honey Sticks? 

     Honey sticks are straws sealed with honey in them that have an easy open end.  Just bite the end in the opposite direction of the seal and the stick will pop open.  You can also clip the end with sissors if you prefer.


     Bulk Honey Sticks:  Contact us for Bulk Orders more than 100, or order our 100 pack on Amazon and get free prime shipping on qualifying orders.  

     Honey Sticks Flavors:  We offer honey sticks in a variety of flavors. We offer both all natural honey stick flavors with no coloring, and also offer honey sticks with traditional flavors and coloring if you so choose.  Our favorite flavors range from cinnamon and lemon (great for honey sticks in tea) to pina colada.  

     Honey Sticks Variety Packs:  We offer variety packs of flavors, which feature different kinds of honey sticks, including sours, very berry, favorite flavors, and even sours.  Find them on Amazon to take advantage of free shipping or contact us for bulk orders. 

Natural Oils & Skin Care

Beauty as Nature Intended It

Do you want vibrant natural beauty the way nature intended it without chemicals and pollutants? 

At Pursito our products are all natural and pure.  From pure oils to revolutionize your skin care routine to our classic real jade facial roller, we have what you need to make a difference in your skin naturally.  


     Pursito Organic Tamanu Oil:  Every drop of tamanu oil has priceless qualities, as it contains 10 different active molecules that promote the skin to rebuild, and also contains omega 6 and 9 fatty acids, which feed and moisturize the skin.  It is moderately antibacterial, encourages wound healing, reduces the appearance of scars, anti-inflammatory and contains antioxidants.  Our tamanu oil is quality tested for purity and authenticity.  


    Pursito Organic Neem Oil:  

    Pursito All Natural Jade Facial Roller: 

    Pursito Roller Bottles for Essential Oils: 

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